Online Bachelors Degree

The classic four-year, bachelor's degree is also called "college degree". Typically comprising 120-128 credits, most universities will allow the transfer of up to 60 credits from associate degrees or community college programs. Undergraduate programs typically consist of general education and elective courses, along with your particular area of study.
Types of Bachelor Degree Programs:
There are two main types of bachelor degrees:

Bachelor of Arts (abbreviated B.A. or A.B.)

A 4 year college degree, the Bachelor of Arts usually requires you to take a majority of your courses in the arts, namely social sciences, humanities, music, or fine arts.

Bachelor of Science (abbreviated B.S. or B.Sc.)

A 4 year college degree, the Bachelor of Science usually requires you to take a majority of your courses in the sciences, namely life sciences, physical sciences, or the mathematical sciences.

There are other bachelor degrees as well, including BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), and LLB (Bachelor of Legal Letters), among others

Avaliable Online Bachelor Degrees

Many online universities and colleges offering bachelors degree programs in a number of disciplines; here are the most popular:

* Accounting & Finance
* Advertising
* Art & Design
* Aviation
* Business Administration
* Biomedical Engineering Technology
* Business Management
* Computer Information Systems
* Computer Science
* Criminal Justice
* e-Business & e-Commerce
* Healthcare Management
* Health Sciences
* Human Resources
* Information Technology
* Marketing & Sales
* Nursing
* Paralegal
* Public Administration
* Technical Management
* Theology & Divinity
* Web Design & Development

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